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  • Welcome

    Welcome to Batam Island

    Batam is one of the largest islands in the Riau archipelago, and not long ago it was just another poor island with coastal villages and unspoiled nature. The declaration of the Batam free trade zone in 1989 has turned the island upside down, after just a few years of rapid construction it now has a modern airport, tourist and business centers and a still growing infrastructure that has changed the island completely.

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  • Shopping

    Shopping Mall

    Batam is located less than 20km from Singapore, with a ferry ride from Singapore to Batam takes approximately 45 minutes ~ 1 hour. Batam is a great place where you can enjoy fresh seafood, cheap shopping, water sports, interesting attractions and affordable massage parlors.

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  • Coastarina

    Coastarina Park

    This is a family-friendly place for fun and entertainment. The large ferris wheel and other carnival attractions are fun, there is a water park and 3d movie theater inside, along with several food-court style restaurants.

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  • The

    The Barelang bridge

    The Barelang Bridge (Jembatan Barelang) is a chain of 6 bridges of various types that connect the islands of Batam, Rempang, and Galang (Indonesia), giving the system its name. The smaller islands of Tonton, Nipah, and Setotok (considered as parts of the Batam Island chain itself) connect Batam and Rempang, the entire Barelang region covers 715 km².[1] The bridge is an icon of the local area and is a popular tourism site.

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