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Savor a culinary journey at our Dining facilities. From smoky Barbecues, assorted drinks at the Bar, freshly-baked goods at our Bakery and Pastry corner, to diverse dishes at the Culinary Corner, every bite promises an unforgettable experience.

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Fresh Baked Goods

Bakery & Pastry Shop

Indulge in our Bakery & Pastry shop, offering a delightful array of freshly-baked goods, perfect for your sweet cravings.

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Grilled Delights

Barbeque Buffet Dinner

Relish our Barbeque Buffet Dinner, featuring a spread of grilled delights for a flavorful feast.

Signature Dining

La Bamba Restaurant

Dine at La Bamba Restaurant, our signature dining venue offering a diverse menu to satisfy your palate.

Beverage Oasis

Parlente Bar

Unwind at Parlente Bar, an oasis offering a variety of beverages in a relaxed atmosphere.

Local Cuisine Corner

Pojok Kuliner

Experience local flavors at Pojok Kuliner, a corner dedicated to serving delicious local cuisine.